Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are you a Prepper?

Have you ran into folks who say you are crazy to put extra food aside or they say you "lack faith" because you prep.  Well without even realizing it they are probably preppers too!

Do you have insurance?  Having insurance is a form of prepping.  We have insurance to cover us when we have accidents or mishaps happen.

If you have children do you feed them?  Do you help them get dressed each day and off to school?  If you had faith would you need to do that?  Of course you take care of your child, it's a form of prepping, training your child to make it in the future because they can't do it now.

Do you keep a medicine shelf at home?  You know some band-aids, cold meds, etc.   Your are prepping.

Ok you see where I'm going with this now?  Be prepared with a response for the next time someone tells you that you are crazy or lack Faith.  I personally think they should spend some time rereading the Good Book if they think prepping shows lack of faith!

I listened to an awesome prep show today.  When you have an hour when you can listen I highly recommend it!


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