Monday, February 6, 2012

Gardening lessons learned

Over the years I've had a lot of gardens.  Some were great and some of them were weed infested.   Most of them were a lot of work.   Back when my twin girls were are 18 month olds I felt the Lord guide me to put in a garden.  I was more humble and teachable (twins are a real adventure for a 40 yr old Mom!)  I asked the Lord how I could ever have a garden dealing with Home schooling and the twins.  I saw my garden all grown and beautiful and not a single weed.  I saw a card board base topped with leaves and grass clipping etc.  I did it His way and we had a huge garden with so much food it was amazing!  Over the years I returned to traditional gardening and tried lots of methods and most have failed and all have been a lot of hard work.

 7 years ago our Electric Coop paper had an article on a "weedless" garden method.  We were so excited my husband paid the fees and I went down (6 hour drive) and took the class.  It worked well in the Ozark mountain area but all we got was weeds!   This is the class I took.  We did love that he used 2 stacks of cinder blocks to build his beds.  We made 32 of them!  We used compost. peat moss and rice hulls.  He sells the crushed rocks to fertilize the beds each growing session.

Because this wasn't working the way we expected I began looking further.  The next thing I found was Gardening the Mittleider Way.  He claims you can garden in any soil as long as you "add" back in the micro-nutrients that have been used up.  I've been using this instead of buying from the first place and it has worked pretty well but weeding is still a constant battle.  Here is this gardening method.  In the area I live in there is no iodine in our soil.  Never has been and never will be unless we add it.  The Mittleider micro nutrients add iodine back in so my plants get it.  Both of these systems are very easy to weed as the soil mix is so very lose.

Well now I'm looking for a better system and I run across this movie that goes right back to what the Lord told me 17 years ago.  Did I ever tell you I'm a little slow sometimes?   Yes I feel pretty silly now but know right off this is truly the Lords way.  So take some time off and go watch this movie or buy the DVD and watch that.  It makes perfect sense!


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