Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Autumn Time!

I hate to admit it but I am so enjoying the cooler autumn temps this year!  This year has been anything but normal.  Spring time came early and hot and got hotter than heck.  Summer progressed and stayed hotter than heck.  It was nice to know we could cool down and enjoy some autumn time. 

I love Autumn with the pumpkins and crisp new apples coming in.  Hoping to get more apples to make a couple more batches of apple pie filling and make some apple juice too! I also will need to buy #10 cans of canned tomatoes to make up our V-8 juice.  We ran out so very quickly last year.  12 quarts were used so very fast.  So need to triple it as I use it for soup making along with everyone drinking it.

Every year a local place has produce in bulk for sale at great prices.  If you are near the Bethany, Missouri area it would be worth your while to go stock up.  It's down near Gage's grainery on East bound Hwy 136 and then take T toward Ridgeway. it's the first right I think.  I always get a lot to can up and keep some in the water room for winter fresh use.  Canned potatoes are great to dump into soup or reheat and mash for mash potatoes in a hurry. 

For sale at Max & Neil Fordyce  Friday's after 2pm, Sat & Sunday's all day
660-868-1010, 660-872-6787, 660-872-6580

White or red potatoes: $11 per 50lb bag

Yellow Onions $24 per 50 lb bag

Jumbo sweet potatoes $18 per 40 lb box

Apples $22 per bushel

Beets  $15 per 25 lb bag

Parsnips $15 per 20 lb bag

radishes $1 per 1 lb bag

Cabbages $15 per 50 lb bag

Turnips $16 per 25 lb bag

Soup beans: Pinto, Navy, Dark red kidney, Black beans

You will need cash or a check here no credit or debit cards.
Have a great weekend!

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