Monday, January 14, 2013

Learn a new skill or try something new.  You never know when you might need a new skill or even a new recipe.  Do you know what to do when you drop your wedding ring down the drain?  Do you know where to turn off the water when a pipe breaks and is flooding the house?  If you suddenly couldn't eat most of what you usually eat would you know how to make the change? 

We all seem to be so busy and get caught up in the day to day survival mode.  It's often easier to just park yourself in front of the TV or go to bed.  But if we think about it we can fit little things into our free time. 

Maybe plan out a once a week skill and do it on the weekend.   Got a gun but never use it?  Maybe you can sign up for classes or join a local gun club so you can learn the proper usage and practice along the way. 
Check out places like Home Depot or Hobby Lobby and see what classes they offer.  Many local communities offer classes also. 

Check out books at the library.  Search online and find things your can try.  You tube has a wealth of videos showing you just about any skill you can imagine.  I learned short cuts to making metered corners to how to make corn tortillas and much more. 

So take some time and learn something new.  You never know when you will need the new skill!


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