Friday, April 11, 2014

Awesome Powdered Laundry Soap recipe that will last a family of 4 a full year

I know I've posted before about making your own laundry soap. We've used it for years and if we had stained items we'd shove them into the liquid laundry soap container and let them soak before washing. It would remove those terrible stains like the dark cuffs of jackets or stuff spilled on your tops. But this week I got a new recipe that I'm dying to try! I have been listening to the Mom's Conference online this week and its a recipe they shared. Now for those of you who know me already know we are now empty nesters. We're retired and kids are grown up but I have learned so much valued info in this weeks conference sessions! You can go here to hear the rest of them:

I've made this up and forgot to mention one thing she said in her video!  When you run the Fels Napha soap chunks through the blender, mix some of the borax with it to help it turn to powder not a big globby mess.   I had the big globby mess working when I remember her saying to add borox in as you do it.  Anyway I ran a hand full of soap chunks with 1 cup of borax and it worked good.  We've used our new laudry soap all weekend and everyone is loving it.  Not using fabric softener and clothes still come out smelling so wonderful!

Any way here is the recipe for the awesome powdered laundry soap recipe they gave:

This is suppose to last a family of 4 a full year.

Run 3 bars of Fels Napha soap through a blender or food processor. You will find Fels Napha in the laundry section at the grocery store. I know in my area Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee both carry it. You will end up with a powder instead of grated like we did for the Liquid laundry soap.

Take 2 white garbage bags and put them inside each other and put the soap powder in the bags.

Next add 1 full box of Borax and 1 full box of Washing Soda. Both of these ar also found in the laundry section. Make sure you use Washing soda and NOT baking soda!

Now you will add 2 cups of Baking Soda. This will help remove odors.

Next you will add two 3 pound boxes of Oxy Clean or other Oxy Bleach product.

This part is optional: Add 1 or 2 laundry crystals for scent if desired.

Mix by rolling the bag back and forth several times.

Pour into container and use 2 Tablespoons per load. She suggested buying the clear glass cookie jar type container that Wal_mart carries for $9.98 but any container will work.


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