Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lessons learned

It took me 60 years but I'm realizing the key to a simple life.  I can now share with others so maybe they can have an easier time.

1.  Get rid of the junk.   Really, if you can't eat it, wear it or play with it, get rid of it.  Your past life, go through take pictures and limit it to one small box or a scrapbook.   Same with the stuff you collect from your kids.  At the end of each year go through and limit it to one or two special items or take pictures so they can have memories.  Trust me, they will thank you!  One of my kids had trouble turning loss of old T-Shirts so I took them and am turning them into a quilt.  Get rid of the stuff!  I stand all amazed at folks who continue to rent storage facilities to store all this stuff they can't turn lose of.

2.  Do regular simple upkeep.  Hate to clean the toilet?  One quick squish each day will keep it clean.  Hate doing dishes?  Empty and rinse and clean up will go much faster when you get to it.  Get rid of as much as you can.  Keeping your house clean and organized will work when you get rid of the over flow stuff.  Bless your local thrift store with stuff they no longer fits.  You will be blessed for it!

3.  We are all traveling in different circumstances.  Don't do more than you can handle.  Limit kids to 1 or 2 activities.  Don't take on extra activities that you don't have time to do.

4. Stay physically active.  Walking will help you clear your head.  Can't walk, I got a list of exercises you can do sitting down.  Really! 
Chair Stretches and Excersises

  1. Stretches for neck: side to side, rotating to each side then back, forward and back.

  1. Shoulders : roll shoulders forward and then back.
  2. Ankle rolls and toe raises and heel raises.

Warm ups: reach each foot forward and tap the floor, alternating.
(at the same time)
Arms: reach each arm forward, alternating
high reach
criss cross arms up then down
swimming strokes
upper cuts
forearm block

  1. sit on edge of chair, legs straight, knees over ankles, hands on knees, roll your back toward the chair back, then arch your back in, then back to straight.

  1. hands by ears, lean forward then lean around to the side, in circular motions.
  1. sit tall & square, thighten stomach and pull it in and hold then release, repeat

  1. sit tall & square, put hands on chair sides, lift each knee, using your stomach and not bending your back. Excel on lift, enhale on release. (harder put hands by ears, harder on tip toes)
  1. repeat leg lifts, putting hands by your ears and twist at waist to the side of the leg that is lifting, alternating.

  1. hands by ears and tip shoulder toward the hip, alternating (side crunches)
  2. Arms outstretched to the sides, hips never move, reach fingertips moving at the sides of waist, alternating.

  1. Sit up straight and tall on the edge of the chair, with a straight back lean towards back of the chair, then sit up, repeat. Enhale back, exhale up.

  1. Twist at waist looking as far back as possilble, hold, return to forward, repeat to the opposite side.

5.  Learn something new every day.  My Mom always told us if you are not learning something new each day, you might as well be dead.  I look at it this way.  What do we take with us when we die?  Our minds- fill it with knowledge!

6.  Keep your diet simple.  We don't need a lot of meat or sugar.  We don't need dessert every day.  Eat real food and keep it simple and you will feel better. 

7.  Your family is the most important thing you have.  Take care of it and protect it.  Spend as much time as you can with your family.  It is much more important than any paid job you will ever have.

 8. Put enough by to help you survive anything that happens.  Loss of job, severe ice storm of blizzard, extended power outage.  Having enough food, and ways to stay warm can make a big difference. 

9.  Relax and enjoy life.  Life is full of challenges and hard times. Enjoy the good times as you have them. 

I guess you can tell from my list that the main idea is to keep it simple and don't take on to much. 


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