Friday, May 23, 2014

Medical help you might need somewhere in the future

So many are facing medical crisis and frustrated with our current medical system.  You need to understand our system.  Many years ago Universities were struggling to provide medical education to students but having trouble financially.   Pharmaceutical groups stepped up to the plate and I guess you might say the rest is history.  With Pharmacies providing the money they of course requested the schools try all their new finds.  It doesn't exactly leave one full of hope for what their doctor (who was trained via Pharmaceutical Money)  might be currently offering.  

My experience has been nothing but more problems than I started out with.   One sure cure I was offered totally messed up my liver.  All the doctors have offered me has brought me close to death.  So I've looked elsewhere and found a great source that so far hasn't let me down.  It's 

There is a wealth of information available for almost any problem you will face.  Dr Christopher was unwilling to yield a gun in WW2 so he was made a medic. Waiting for orders he was sent to a medical facility in Utah.  While there some men came through with problems the Army doctors couldn't treat or cure.  John R. Christopher asked if he could try.  They gave him one week and he he was able to cure the man selected.  After a few more cures the Army built him a lab and let him research and make new formulas.   

I hope this will  Help you find the help you need in the future.  


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