Saturday, January 13, 2018

Making your own Powdered sugar is so very simple to do!

Ok, I've cut way back on the sugar usage but once a week we have some kind of dessert.  This week I made applesauce cupcakes using a much reduced sugar.  I needed a little powdered sugar to glaze them and didn't have any.  Having internet is so wonderful at times like this!  You can easily make your own powdered a sugar using what ever sugar you want to use.  You can use a food processor or a blender and use half the amount of sugar as you need powered sugar.  You can use stevia, coconut sugar, brown sugar, powdered honey.  I poured regular sugar into my blender and had instant powered sugar.   No corn starch fillers, just powered sugar to do my project.  I may never buy powered sugar again!

Thought I would share this sweet tip that I needed to use today!


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