Sunday, April 15, 2012

My world turned upside down

Well NASA has been forecasting that the Earth would change poles this year or next.  I feel like it happened this last week but of course it was just my world that went upside down and not the whole Earth! 

You know how you try to do everything right and you are sure you are?  I felt that way the last year or so trying hard not to eat GMO foods and not to eat any unnatural foods.  We actually grow most of our foods including grains, meats and eggs.  I truly know what I am eating.

Boy did I get a curve ball last Wednesday!   I had, had some lab test done recently and went back to the doctor to get the results.  Since last October my asthma has been totally out of control.  But it ends up it wasn't an asthma problem but an allergy problem.  I'm allergic to about 50 things growing around my area, no big surprise there.  But I'm also allergic to all gluten, all dairy, and eggs. 

I don't get a few tummy or gut problems.  My throat swells up and I can't breath.  I felt stupid when she said it.  I was having problems all the time.  But meal times were the worst.  You'd think I would of figured it out all on my own but duh no I truly had no clue.

Right afterward my daughter took me out to eat.  I got a salad.  The only thing on the menu I thought I could eat.  Well there was a little bit of cheese.  Sure enough the first bite with a little cheese and my throat closed down.  We picked off all the cheese we could find.  The next day at home I tried oatmeal, no luck my throat closed down.  I ate fruit all morning and felt like I was starving!  Finally decided I could eat fried rice as long as I left the egg out of it.  I ate 3 plates full!  I was really hungry by that time!

The next day I could think a little more clearly.  I had in my great wisdom bought a Red Bob whole grain bread mix.  It called for 2 eggs and I used plain gelatin instead and it seems to of worked.  But, what good is bread if I can't butter it!  I learned that coconut oil spread on it is just as good.  (But of course I'm starving at this point!)   I also learned from my friend Vickilynn that 1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds mixed with 3 Tablespoons water is equal to 1 egg.  I've got to get some chia seeds!  

I also went through our food storage recipe book and found 45 recipes we can still use  ( out of 133).   Did I ever tell you that I really, really love cheese?  I make the stuff and oh how I love to eat it!   I can live without grains and eggs but the cheese thing has been a real blow!   I needed a treat at this point, you know to boost moral!   I made those stove top cookies using coconut oil for butter and almond milk and gluten free oats and Apple concentrate in place of sugar.  (the count on my liver is running high so have to cut all the simple sugars and starches back out too!)  They are good enough that I had to make more as my daughter and husband are eating them too!

I made up a menu for May and will start on a grocery list.  I am getting recipes and learning the ins and outs of baking without gluten, eggs or dairy.  My Momma always said we needed to learn something new every day and I sure am now! 

I've cleaned out the kitchen cupboards so far and will do the pantry tomorrow and will then start on the food storage room.  We are having to totally start over on of dry goods storage.  Most of it will have to stay in the freezer.  We told our kids they can have all the food storage but we will no longer be storing for them. 

The good news in all of this is I can breath freely for the first time in month's!  And for that I might even be able to give up my cheese!


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