Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm sick and tired of the pessimist!

I used to follow all kinds of Prepping blogs and sites but I've stopped.  Many of them are now saying our government is going to fall and the United States is all non-Christian and will be paying the price.  Most of them are moving to other countries.  Well all I can say is "Good Riddance!" 

I still say we are a long ways from Armageddon, a very long way from the end.  I might not like our current government but it is duly elected and I still say they can't screw up to bad.  That forecast of the US becoming the biggest oil producer by 2020 is going to keep us from totally dying financially.

So they can all go but this is my country.  I have served 12 years in the military and I will still fight to keep my country free.  I firmly believe in free elections and our Constitution. 

So I no longer consider myself a prepper but a self reliant person instead.  I take responsibility for providing for myself and my family.  I still believe each family should have at least a 3 month supply of food, supplies and money and work toward a year supply.  That way you are able to ride out your personal storms.  When jobs are lost or sudden hospitalizes wipe your family out, having your supplies on hand can help you survive.

I know some places like Washington DC might feel like Christianity is dead but I can tell you after traveling all over our country that I know Christianity is alive and well. I live in a very Christian area.  And I firmly plan on staying right here and riding out any storms coming my way.

So smile and keep on doing what you can.


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