Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First day on my new job

At my age, the thought of going back into the work force seemed scary.  Will my old fingers be able to do what they want?  Will I be able to remember all I need too when half the time I can hardly remember my name?  So many folks are losing their jobs lately.  My son just lost his.  One of 1,800 jobs cut to help fund relief efforts in Joplin.  Started today with a guy who lost his teaching job due to budget cuts.  Don't know how long I'll be able to work but every penny counts so hopefully I can make it until the end of the year so we'll be able to take care of all we need to here!  My retired husband was just offered a job at Sonic so he's going to go back to work a couple days a week also.  Time is running out, time to get prepared so you'll be able to face what ever happens in the future.  Many things can be free.  Learn new skills that might help you out.  Watching Video's on can help you learn many things.   The Patriot Nurse or Dr. bones and Nurse Amy have video's that can teach you medical skills that can help you survive.  Learn how to can, sew, make soap, ect but just punching things into the search bar and watch things that will help you instead of garbage that is a waste of time.  You can go to blog talk radio and visit Dr. Preppers site that has a ton of archived shows listed you can listen to when you have time! Here's the link:        So much info to find online but you need to print out info so you'll have it if you ever lose internet of even your computer.   I have been filling binders the last several years and have lots of info ready to roll if I ever need it.  Many items we have been trying out just in case we need to use it some day.  Learning to cook over an open fire is a fun way to learn life saving skills.  My daughters were excited when I taught them how to make bread and put a wire rack in our big dutch oven and put the bread pan in and bake bread over and open fire.  Not a big raging fire but one that has cooked down.  Putting hot ash on top and having hot coals under it.  Using charcoal to start with is a good way to learn how to use your Dutch Ovens.  Here is an online guide for the number of charcoals to put on top and under for the size of dutch oven and the temp needed.         Once you have figured out how to bake with charcoal you can have a better idea of how to do so using hot wood ash.  So many skills to learn.  Have fun trying them out so you'll know how to do it if you have too!


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