Friday, July 29, 2011

I really do try not to think about....

I try to not think about politics! I always feel like there is not much I can do about it! I want to climb on the roof and start screaming”Wake up America!” This isn't about Obama, Nancy, or even Harry Reid. This crisis we are in has been building up for a very long time. It's not about Democrats or Republicans, frankly there is not much difference about them! Each and every Congress person needs to be fired along with the President. Most American's would agree but they all say except for my congress person! Yes they all do such wonderful things for the folks back home and that's a big part of the problem! It's time to turn loose! They are selling our country down the tubes. We need leaders who are there to save our nation, who would lay their very lives down to defend our Constitution instead of chipping away at destroying like our Congress has been doing for the last several years. We need leaders who have the backbone and fortitude to do the right thing even when us folks back home say no not my goodies! We are so head over heels in debt, it will be painful but we need to tighten our belts and start cutting away. Are there any great leaders out there? Anyone who will step up and serve their nation and defend our Constitution? I pray daily that these good folks will step up when our nation needs them more than ever before!

And what about us back home? Why are so many thinking some one owes them something or even everything? People come from other lands and expect a free hand out now. When my ancestors came to America they were given a good swift kick in the teeth and told to earn their own and in English if you please! If you wanted something you went out and worked by the seat of your brow to earn it. Now we just think we can have it all and frankly I don't see very much sweat falling these days! Baby boomers (my self included) on up have never really known a want. Until very recently we always have store shelves fully stocked and never thought about them not being stocked. If we really wanted something we could all go get it one way or the other. If you couldn't talk someone in to giving it to you then you could just get a credit card and get it your self. Lose your job? Go crying to the local family services branch and you'll get a free apartment, food stamps and Medicaid. Come here from another country and go to the right locations and you won't even have to try finding a job! They even send the kids to school for free and teach it in their native language so they won't have to learn English!

And on top of all this, most Americans have turned away from God. They know no moral boundaries, they have no ethics. And we wonder why God has turned His back on us? It's time we stand up and be counted! I know I'm not the only Christian out there! We can't let them stomp us down. Why do other religions have to right to speak out but Christian's are being stomped down. Separation of church and state only applies to Christian’s. It's time we retake our standing! We have just as much rights as other religions!

And trust me, no one owes you anything! Take care of your self! Store food to cover at least a year and learn to work and work hard for all you get. Stuff happens, take care of it your self! You'll feel better when you do and you'll also discover it will all go better too!

Now I promise not to rant about politics any time soon! Just had my fill lately and had to get it out!

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