Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great web sites to visit and learn from!

Here are some great sites to visit and learn from! If you find info you really like that are downloadables then you need to work toward printing them off as you are able. When you get desperate due to a crisis you can't count of being able to get onot your computer to read the info you need! Print it off and start some binders up with the info so they will be there if and when you need it!

This first one has so many awesome books that are very useful and free to down load and print off:

Aaron has had great info on many survival topics but his current projects are going other places. He has had to best info on water stuff I've ever found online! He also has a great video on starting a fire with one match. Don't just watch it, go try it out! You never know when this skill will save your families life!

This one has some basic soap recipes you might want to have on hand:

Heating with a rocket stove bio mass. We're in the middle of a big heat wave right now but I know before I know it winter will be here again. Wish I could get my other half to build me a nice sofa with one of these!

Here is the listing first for PRN Blog talk radio station. They have a wealth of knowledge and tons of shows to listen to. All their shows are achived so you can go back and listen to them all if you want to!

Here is one for my friend and another blogger (but she's been at it much longer!) She also does a newsletter that is a very valuable resource to have! Carolyn also has her own show on tuesday nights on the station listed above.

This is an awesome place to get good basic items that are very well made. They have been around a very long time!

Here are a few more sites I think you'll enjoy exploring!

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