Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Plan

Ok you've had most of a week to maul over the food storage plan.  Have you decided what would be best for your family?  Once you decide that You need to make a list of what all you need.  Did you want to just get traditional supplies?  Then you already have a list of those basic items to lay in.  But do you know how to use it?  I very highly recommend Jan Labaron's new cookbook.  This isn't your normal cookbook.  Jan is over at healthy harvest and over the years she has came up recipes and ways to use our basic food storage.  If you can only get one book, get Jan's!    Here's the link to go order Jan's book:    

Now if you decided to go with a menu based plan, how far out are you planning your menus?  2 weeks?  4 weeks?  13 weeks?  What ever you decide is how you will plan your food storage!      Thinking of getting a years supply can seem over whelming!  Don't try it all at once!  Just start by getting a 2 week supply laid in.  That wasn't so hard was it?   Now get another 2 week supply laid in.  Now you have 4 weeks covered!  This is how you build it up and before you know it you'll have 6 month's or maybe even more!   If you are using a menu plan collect your recipes.  Have them in a binder or box with your food storage.  Use your recipes to build you your shopping list.     If you have done a two week plan your shopping list would repeat 26 times for a years supply.  A 4 week menu plan shopping list would repeat 13 times for a year supply.  And a 13 week plan's shopping list would repeat 4 times for a years supply. 

Now you are thinking how would I store all this?  I couldn't store a years worth of meat in my freezer!  No,  you will learn how to can most of your meats to go with your food storage menus.  Your own home canned meats are yummy!  I have a hard time keeping my family out of them!  but it will also make you rethink your menus!  Canned meats are tender and fall apart.  So instead of fried chicken I might plan on taco baked chicken casserole.  Now if your power goes off long term you are freaking out worrying about all that meat!  You can keep some meat in the freezer for fried chicken or steaks to toss on the grill.  Then if the power goes out you'll use those items first.  A year supply for one person would fit under neath a twin sized bed.  Really!

We'll talk about cooking options another time.  We'll also talk about storage options later too!  Right now you just need to get started storing anything you can.  We've never gone through a famine or not had stores full of food.  But in the last two years I have seen spot outages that stores could not fill.  What is happening this year is going to make food prices sky rocket and those outages will become much more common.  They already know there is not enough food to feed the world this coming year.  The United States for the first year ever has not been able to grow enough to feed even our own citizens.   For that reason, I am pleading with you to store food. Learn to can or dry and take anything that is offered to you this summer.  Dry it, can it.  Find a friend who cans and learn from them or just use their canner while you learn this summer!  Ask around at church and I can pretty well assure you that you'll find someone who can's there and would be more than willing to help you! 

I am also very worried about our economy.  So many people are out of work.   Our government is way out of control.  It's not the current administration who created this mess.   It started going out of control back in the 1960's (and even before!)  Now we're in deep trouble.  the US dollar since WWII has been the world currency.  Every nation in the world had to trade in US dollars.  This year Russia and China agreed to trade in their own currency instead of using worthless US dollar's.  The writing is on the wall.  the US Dollar is about to be dumped.  Might not be this year but it will be soon.  Once that happens, the Fed's will no longer be able to run out and print more money to cover the debt.  We won't be able to afford to buy food even if it is available. 

Now is the time to prepare!  If you have food stored, if you have seeds stored and know how to garden, if you know how to survive, then you and your family will make it.     Having faith and preparing will protect your family.  Don't panic!  Just diligently work toward having food stored as you are able.  Make yourself right with God.  Now is not the time to walk away from the one person who can bless you with miracles when they are needed!

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