Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday at home

Had a good day today.  Read my scriptures for today and then went to church.  Had great uplifting messages.  I had put a frozen chicken in our Global Sunoven before leaving this morning so the ones who stayed home could move it as needed and cook our dinner.  It was at 120 when I checked it as I got home and had one who had to go to work so I went ahead and put it in the oven for an hour and we had a great dinner.  The Sunoven always leaves the food so moist and the flavors are so great.  We love it so much we are thinking about investing in another one for those times when we are baking lots of stuff.  You can stack trays of cookies and I bake up to 5 trays at once.  Great investment if you have no other way to bake.  I use it inside in the winter to make yogurt and sprouts.  It's to cool in the winter and I just couldn't make yogurt like I do every week and sprouts took forever.  So I learned a trick about putting the yogurt/sprouts into the sunoven and put a lite candle in with it and then laid the lid down with the lock tabs under the glass instead of on top.  That way the heat stays in but the candle gets enough oxygen to stay lite.

Hope you had a lovely Sabbath day too!


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