Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thoughts for a Sunday

Well I'm still recovering but at least I can function now.  Well at least if I don't get to carried away!  So today I'm going to talk about my frustration with some of my Christian friends.  

Not just my friends but family too.  This last summer at family reunion, one of my cousins commented on the fact that it was a waste to get prepared.  All you need to do is have perfect faith in Christ Jesus and He would provide for you.

Well that reminds me of the story about the guy who prayed for help during a flood.   His neighbor came by right after in a row boat and tried to get him to go with him.  No he replyed, the Lord will take care of me.  Later a motor boat came by but no the Lord will take care of me was his reply.   Stranded on his roof in the flood a helicopter came by and he still refused to budge.  At the pearly gates in Heaven he asked the Lord why he hadn't been taken care of.  The Lord said he sent his neighbor, He sent a motor boat and he sent a helicopter, what more did he expect? 

The Lord made us in His image and he gave us each talents and a brain to use.  This earth is our testing ground.  He expects us to learn and grow and make choices that will hopefully bring us back to Him.  He expects us to think for ourselves.

When Noah tried to preach and save mankind, the Lord told him to give up and build an ark.  The Lord could of done it himself but He told Noah where and how to do it.  He didn't tell Noah much more than that except that the animals would come two by two.  The clean ones in groups of 7 and the unclean just a pair.  No mention of food or water.   But you can bet Noah had already planned for that, knowing what the Lord had in mind.  Do you think he had seeds, ect stored away?  I bet he did.  How about tools to start over with?  I bet he stored those too. 

How about Joseph in Egypt?  Did the Lord just give the Israelite's what they needed? No He told Pharaoh in a dream that an Israelite had to explain.  He still didn't do it for them, someone had to prepare.  They had to store their excess ahead of time.

That's what the Lord is telling us now.  We must be prepared for famine.  Really. 
Are you aware that we no longer grow most of our food but import it from over seas?  It's true, most of our food comes from South, Central America and Mexico or Asian countries.  We are headed toward disaster and good people are setting there on their thumbs thinking the Lord will provide.  Open your eyes.  He is providing, right now.  Buy or grow extra and put it up because you will need it in the future. 

Don't let Satan deceive you.  Just because you store food and emergency supplies, doesn't mean you don't have faith.   I have perfect faith.  I know if I prepare and something terrible comes my way.  The Lord will get me through because I did all I could to be ready for this time.  I don't think we can ever be 100% ready for everything.  But if you do your best and warn your neighbors, you each will be blessed with what you need at your time of need.  But you will of had to of prepared in the first place.

Preparing isn't just storing food.  It's studying scriptures and prayer and mediating and knowing the Lord.  It's studying and learning skills that will help you in your job or learning to survive if you have to live without.  It's getting out of debt and saving for that rainy day.  Being prepared is being prudent and following what we have learned from the scriptures.  Being prepared is using the brain the good Lord gave us so we can thrive here on earth and one day return to Him.

I hope and pray that you will be prepared both body and soul.  I hope and pray your pantry shelves are bulging with good foods and you have extra water stored and know how to get more.  I hope and pray you know the good book inside and out and read it daily.  Not just select sections but every last word in it.  

Happily Prepared in the Lord,

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