Monday, September 26, 2011

Building up my food storage and using up eggs

Having a few hens can be a great blessing but if you have 15 like I do things can get out of hand if I'm not on my toes!  Last year I started oiling my eggs after I brought them in and washed them.  Oiling them keeps them from drying out and going bad.  You should also turn the eggs every month to keep the yolk in the center.  This will keep the eggs good for a year. You don't even need to refrigerate them, just keep in a cool dark area.  But if you do refrigerate them then you have to keep them in the fridge.  This is an old sailors trick so they can have fresh eggs while at sea.  I had been frying up the excess eggs and then dehydrating them and then running them through the blender to make my own powdered eggs but we have a good 5 year supply of powdered eggs so I decided to start making egg noodles.

Everyone loves home made egg noodles and they are expensive to buy.  I make up my own for special occasions but thought maybe I should start making huge batches and rolling them out and letting them dry completely and then dry pack can them into #10 cans.  I made 5 batches at once and it fill 3 1/3 cans full.  So when today's big batch is done we'll have a full case of 6 boxed and sealed up for future use.   I will list my regular batch followed by the 5X batch in case you ever get a great deal on eggs and want to do the same thing.

Egg Noodles

Put 2 cups flour in a large bowl and make a well.  Add 3 yolks and one full egg plus 2 teaspoons salt and mix into the flour.  Add up to 1/2 cup water just until enough to make noodle dough.  divide into 4 parts and roll out very thin.  Use flour to keep them from sticking to the rolling pin or counter top and then cover noodles with flour before cutting so they don't stick together.

5X batch
10 cups flour
15 yolks
5 whole eggs
10 teaspoons salt
Just enough water to make a very stiff dough.

I use my Kitchen Aid Mixer with the dough hook and just add a little water at a time until its just right.  If I add too much water I add a little flour to get it right.

Now those egg whites are going to become Angel food cake tomorrow and I can wrap them and keep them in the freezer to use later. 


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