Friday, September 9, 2011

Today's canning

I had been frustrated because I just couldn't manage to get any meats canned to get ahead for our food storage.  Then my son's lost their jobs and moved back home.  One of them who is disabled filed for SSDI and received it along with food stamps and medicaid.  For him to find a job these days with his disabilities would be almost impossible.  The other son works off his rent and the disabled son gives us $50 cash and then $50 in food.  the other son is currently away looking for work in another city but should be back in another week or so.

For 4 month's now I have collected meats our son has provided as part of his rent and canned it all up to build our food storage.  Now after 4 month's my family gathered around today and commented that if things ever go bad for us they will now it was solely by my hands that we may eat fairly well no matter what.  Along with the grains, fruits, vegetables and other dry goods we now have a pretty decent selection of meat to  add to our storage.  I still have gaps to fill but I have hope that no matter what happens in the coming month's, we'll survive.   And hopefully we'll be able to help our neighbors if it is needed.  Looking around our store room is a very pleasant experience these days!  

I hope your food storage is also building up into something wonderful!


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