Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's National Prep Month!

It seems like just yesterday we were all baking in 100 degree heat! Now it feels like winter is fast moving in! Take time to think about what you need to do to be prepared!

We have 3 kinds of disasters. #1 Natural disasters. Hurricane’s, earthquakes, tornadoes, ice storms, ect. #2 Man made disasters. Train derailment with toxic chem spill, The gulf oil mess, Nuclear power plant failure. #3 Personal Disasters. Loss of job, car breaking down, landing in the hospital,ect.

Now think about each of those disasters and what would be most important to you in each. That is what you need to prepare first! Someone living on the coast line has things to worry about that I wouldn’t think of at all. They in turn might not ever think about the things I would face out here on the great plains.

This is what makes preparing a very personal matter. Where you are at, your family likes and dislikes, how many you would be preparing for. Some of you might not even know or want to cook. I not only cook, I make it all from scratch. Have you ever had home made potato chips? They are delicious and very easy to make!

My youngest son's food storage would look way different from my food storage! Yours would probably look way different than both of ours! Food storage done up before a disaster strikes gives you time to lay in the things important to your family.

Trust me, when a disaster strikes, it will be important for you and your family to have the comfort foods they know and love. Facing a crisis is much easier when you have planned ahead and prepared for it. Maybe a pan of lasagne and freshly baked brownies would help your family know that yes there is a crisis but it must not be too bad if we can eat like this!

Take it slow and just decide what is most important and start on that. It's like when the house is a disaster and you find out company is on the way! I stand in the front door and look to see what they will first see and I fix that first! Then I move to the next step. That's how you get prepared. Stand in the door and decide what is the most important thing for you to have first.

One small step at a time and before you know it you'll be well on your way to being prepared!


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