Sunday, September 18, 2011

Couldn't find my blog!

I was cleaning up my computer and getting rid of all the tracking cookies, ect and suddenly realized I hadn't book marked my blog site and it wouldn't just pop up anymore when I started typing in the address.  I knew I had started it on July 4th and had listed it on my facebook page so went back there to get the whole address thing!  It's bookmarked now and also wrote it down in my file. 

Being prepared can take other paths at times.  Have you had to deal with the death of a parent yet?  Trying to get everything in order can be mind boggling!  I found a wonderful program I could download and print out for $9.95.       

Joyce Moseley Pierce created this program after a long experience.  It  contains forms for providing:
Vital Statistics
Professional Records
Military Records
Funeral Instructions
Names of those to Notify and…
Financial Information regarding…:
- Checking and Savings Accounts
- Location and Contents of Safe Deposit Box
- Certificates of Deposit
- Stocks
- Bonds
- Mutual Funds
- Savings Plans
- Retirement Programs
- Trust Accounts
- Real Estate
- Loans Payable and Receivable
- Insurance
- Automobiles
- Credit Cards

Last year my aunt passed away.  Her kids were trying to deal with her arrangements and didn't even know their Mom had served 4 years in the US Marines in 1948-1952.   They could of gotten part of the funeral paid for or the entire thing if they had wanted to bury her in a military cemetery.  But they were clueless and ended up just getting a free head stone after doing some research to tie it all together.  My aunt was 70yr old and had lived with her daughter or granddaughter for many years.  My cousin's said their Mom never talked about herself so they just talked about the kids.  Aunt Carol talked to me a lot over the years!  She had gone to cosmetology school with her older sister Francis.  Francis ended up going into the Army and died while in route to Korea in 1954.  My cousin's knew none of this.  If your parents, grandparents, Aunt's & Uncle's are still around, talk to them!  Ask them questions and learn about their lives when they were kids.  You can learn a lot! 

Make up a booklet about your own life so your kids can take care of your affairs if something happens to you.   Give them light in those dark days  and hours.  Help them when you can no longer be there to show them the way.


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