Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Count your blessings, name them one by one!

In my church, we have a song that starts off with signing “Count your blessings, Name them one by one...) It's always good to remember all the Lord has blessed you with. Some days it might be real hard to think of the good things as your life seems to be going down the drain at the moment, but it might be the best time to stop and think of those blessings. I always find the Lord has heaped blessings up upon me way more than I ever deserved! And when things get really bad and I seem to have trouble remembering the blessings I take a good look around and see so many others in much worse shape than I am in! If you'd like to see or hear this hymn you can find it on this link: http://lds.org/cm/catalogsearchalpha/1,17929,4782-1-1,00.html?reportStart=21&reportEnd=30&searchPhrase=C#nullLink

 Counting my blessings today!

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