Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So much for the best laid plans!

Ran out of dill yesterday while canning so left early to stop by the Amish store on the way to work and then came home and finished up the cucumbers that had been soaking in salt water.  Had planned to slice the rest of the cucumbers last night and get them soaking in lime water and can bread and butter pickles today.  BUT... our #3 son who has been cooking all the meals got called to go to his brothers home and house sit.  Seems an arsonist is on the loose and set fire to two homes in #1 son's neighborhood yesterday.  #3 son had been wanting to go up there and look for jobs so now he'll be able to do that.  BUT, we lost our cook!  My husband also got called late last night and went to work today.  So I will try to get something into the crockpot so those remaining will have a hot meal when they are able today! I will try to slice those cucumbers tonight instead!  Life happens and you just have to be prepared to roll with the punches!


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