Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Drying Apricots

Yesterday my husband picked up a box of lovely apricots, so today I am starting to dry them. Short on canning jars now and Apricots dry so very well! Apricots are so easy to work with too!

  1. Wash and cut the apricots in half.
  2. Remove the pit. Press the skin of the apricot inward pushing the flesh of the apricot outward. This is called popping the back of the apricot and it aids in the drying process.
  3. Apricots should be dipped prior to drying to prevent oxidation. Oxidation is the browning of apricots when exposed to air. Oxidation also reduces the vitamins in the fruit. I use ¼ cup of lemon juice in 1 cup of water to dip my apricots in.
  4. Spread your apricot halves out so they are not touching and air can circulate. If you live where it is hot and dry you can dry them on screens in the sun. I live in Missouri where it is never dry so I use a dehydrator. I've heard of folks using their oven as a dehydrator also but you have to keep it at 135 degrees and all I can say is good luck on that! A dehydrator is a good investment!
  5. You should dry them until most of the moisture is out of them but they are still pliable. If they are crisp all the way through, they are to dry! You can run those through the blender and make apricot powder.
  6. Store your dried apricots in glass jars. I vacuum seal mine into canning jars for long shelf life.
Have fun drying the fruits of summer so you can have lovely treats this winter!


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