Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learning life the hard way

St Joseph Missouri had a power outage today.  A sub station caught on fire.  It will be tomorrow before they get things back up and running.  Lots of calls saying they can't cook meals without power.  Nothing to do without power, no light at night.  Well, welcome to life.  It could happen to the whole nation if we get hit with an EMP or a massive solar flare which is expected next year.  Learn from any crisis that comes your way!  No way to cook?  Well make sure next time you have a way to cook!  Deal with now so you are prepared next time!  Maybe we don't think about what if the power goes out but once it does at least be smart enough to learn from it!   I guess I could stamp my foot and pout because I went out of my way to go to St Joseph today on my way home to buy stuff at Sam's Club.  Have you ever seen an empty lot in the middle of a week day at Sam's Club?  Well I sure did today!  Oh well, we'll be back that direction on the 24th so can hit it then.   When you are buying what you will use 6 months to a year from now the panic just goes away.  A few weeks later will be fine and frankly I could live with out most of it anyway if I need too! 

I hope you are not one of those who goes through power outage after power outage and are never ready for it in any way, shape or form.  Learn and prepare so you can take a deep breath and relax when it happens to you because you know you are ready to face it!


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