Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramblings on the farm

I remember first moving to our farm.  When I had time I'd walk around and see what I thought was weeds.  Over 10 years I learned a lot.  Most of what I thought was weeds were valuable plants.  One weed that I found all over had big velvety leaves, I actually sprayed some of them!  What it really was, was a life preserving plant.  It was Mullein and I have tons of it. Mullein is an herb that greatly helps respiratory problems including asthma attacks.  I learned that many of these plants are eatable.  I learned to blend several together to have wonderful wild eatable salads.   We especially love it in the Spring time when we can add in wild strawberries and violets that grow in our woodland areas.  Many make great dyes.  Many others can be used to make our own natural paper. 

Take a walk around your neck of the woods!  Do you see what you think are weeds?  Do some research and find out what they really are!  Even dandelions & plantain are quite eatable and if you know what to eat and when they are very tasty!  Learn what you  have and how to use it now just in case some day it is the only food you have!


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