Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh Happy Day's!

It's a beautiful mostly sunny day here today.  We had a bout of rain early afternoon and then the Sun returned.  My daughter has her truck back and learning that a brand new clutch will take some getting use to!  She has just learned to drive a standard transmission so will be learning how to shift very well as she breaks it in.  We let her drive us to church today and she did fairly well, just killed it twice at the lights in town.  I personally think everyone should know how to drive a standard transmission!  One of those life skills you never know when you'll need it!

I'm still buried in cucumbers.  My family picked for me last week and missed several.  I decided to leave them on the vine to fully ripen up to collect seeds for next years crop.  It should also slow down produce of more cucumbers! 

I keep wondering how the recover efforts in Japan are going and how all my friends that live along the east coast are fairing this weekend.  I've just heard from one so far.  They live in a high rise apartment in Alexandria, VA and said they were ok, just went 2 days with no electric.  They had laid in candles and lots of water to go with the food they already had.  No flooding in their neighborhood.

Are you prepared for the next big storm to hit your neighborhood?  Now is the time to lay in supplies so you aren't having to run around and get stuff at the last minute.  Empty shelves are what you could be looking at if you wait until the last moment to get prepared!


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