Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Dinner

During the summer I really hate turning on the oven any more than I have too! This morning I took a frozen chicken out of the freezer and ran some hot water over it for a couple minutes and then cut off the plastic covering and pad that was on the chicken. I rinsed it in cold water and then put it in my special dish. I went out and set up my Global sun Oven even though the sun hadn't reached my deck yet. I knew we would all be leaving soon for Church. I knew from experience where the sun would be during the 3 hours we'd be gone. I seasoned my chicken and went ahead and put it out in the Sun oven. I also started 6 potatoes to boil and then turned it off. We went on off to Church and I knew dinner would be well under way by the time I got home.

We went to a different church this week so we could all met the family that will be housing my daughter starting next week when she starts college. She had planned to drive back and forth but then realized she would be spending well over $400 a month just in gas so tried to get in the dorms but they were already filled. I sent out inquires to see if any church members had a room they could rent her. Thankfully one was found just 2 blocks from the college and they are wonderful people so we are happy they had room for her! They bought a old home in need of lots of TLC! They are working slowly on renovating it and had a room all fixed up that was perfect for her!

When we got home I sliced potatoes into a pan and then made up a fast sauce to pour over them and put them into the oven just before my daughters started baking their cookies. I readjusted my sun oven which was at 300 degrees when I went out to check it and then came in to change clothes and get a jar of green beans dumped out and heating up. Dinner was all done! The frozen chicken I put in at 7:30 was nicely browned with lots of juices and falling apart! Our Home teachers stopped by about then so got invited to have dinner with us. It was wonderful to have company for dinner! It's been such a long time since we've had company in!

Having our Sun Oven and using it is wonderful! You should double your cooking time for the most part. If you stay around and can readjust it every 30 minutes, it will cook faster. But if you have to be gone for the day or several hours you place it at the mid way hot spot and it will cook and then stay hot for several hours afterwords! It works the same if you have sun in any season! They even use the Global Sun oven at the base camps at Mt Everest. We actually have had 4 month's with no sunlight at all but I still use my sun oven to make sprouts using a candle I the oven with the lid lose. Makes my sprouts much faster in the winter!

Hope you had a loved day!

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