Friday, October 14, 2011

Beware of what you buy at the store

So many have no choice but to go buy all their food at the grocery store.  I am a retired bio-chemist that has worked for our government.  It was a very shocking and revealing experience.  I learned we were there to help support our food industry and to find a way to make what they produce sound like it is good for the American public.

So now we have them assuring us that GMO products are good for us.  Adding steroids into animal feeds is not only good for the farmer, it is good for us.  Well don't you believe a single word of it!  

These are unnatural products that our bodies can't process.  Our body gets confused and if you are lucky it will lay those unnatural foods into fats and make you nice and plump.  But so many are getting strange diseases that use to be so very rare and now are so very common. 

So many of these items are hidden and we would never even know we are eating them!  All corn used to produce food except for popcorn is GMO products.  All soy beans used for food is GMO soybeans.  Soybeans are also very unsafe to use because they release a very unnatural type of estrogen.  This is being added to animal feeds so unless you get the right organic milk your will be getting soy in your store bought milk.  We made our own almond milk for quite a while before we found a local source of safe milk to use.  

Do you buy bottled water?  Yeah, we use to buy cases of the stuff!  When these are exposed to sunlight they release unnatural estrogen into the water.  When I said this stuff is hidden I really meant it is hidden!   

I make everything from scratch.  My husband bought me an awesome hand mill(Montana Grainmaker) and an electric Wonder Mill.  I mill all my own grains.  Making your own crackers and breads is easy to do.  I make chips also and potato chips are so very easy to make.  Fritos and tortilla chips are a little more work but very doable!   If you want to know how to make anything, just ask and I'll post it in the blog!

Now you can go to the store and see with new eyes what you are really eating and feeding your family!   


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