Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Hand Account of War

We all feel it could never happen here but I can't help but feel like it very well might.  Our Nation is head over heels in debt and there is no way that I can see to get out of it at this point.  Maybe if our Congress had their heads on straight and really worked on a plan.  But no one want to take blame for cutting stuff they think we can't live without.  Years ago most American's personally were in debt more than they thought they could ever pay off.  But a revolution quietly took place and now many through hard work and sacrifice  are living debt free.  We know what it took to get there and it was a painful battle that we fought and won. My family still has a mortgage that we are trying to get paid off  but all those credit cards, ect are long gone and will never return. 

We have become a society where we feel the government "owes" us everything.  No true.  We need to stand on our own feet and take care of ourselves, our family and help our neighbors when they need a hand.  Each state needs a well trained Militia and we need a well trained but smaller US Military to protect our borders and nation, not police the whole world.   We don't need to fund every nation in the world and we don't need to fund those feel good projects.  And yes we'll need to trim those social welfare programs.  How many get social society that have good pensions or retirement funds?  I know lots of folks who get more than 100,000 per year in such accounts and also collect their social security too.  These can be trimmed off so Grandma who has nothing else can survive.  How many on welfare can work or have family who can help support them?  Not all but part of them could.  Hard choices but we are facing hard times.  I'd rather face those hard cuts now instead of facing a bankrupt nation where anything could happen. 

I hope you will go to this link and read this person's comments on what happened to them. /Incredible_Survival_Q_A_from_Serbia.html


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