Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feeling Overwhelmed

Some times when you are thinking about prepping you can feel quite overwhelmed.  I need sugar and dry milk for my food storage and I have nothing at all except a couple boxes of band aids for 1st aid supplies.  That's going to be real helpful when one of us gets out of control allergies and swells up and can't breathe!  Oh I really like that new Aquapail and that hummer solar generator!  Really need to get those!  If the power goes out we really need a hand cranked blender too!  Wish I could talk my other half into putting in that rocket stove biomass heat system now!  Dumped all our water storage so he could build those stands for the 55 gallon barrel and he hasn't gotten to it yet.  Really want some shelves in the food storage room too! 

        See how you can start thinking to much and get overwhelmed?  Don't do it!  There are just so many hours in a day and so much money to spread around.  Set your budget and make your list and just work a little at a time as you are able to do so!  Every month if you spend $20 you will make a difference before you know it!   You might focus on Food one month and medical needs the next and rotate so you have a little in each area along the way. 

     If you are on a tight budget and have no food at all then focus on basic stables that would fill you up.  There is a well balanced meal and then there is a survivor meal.  If you have no food you should lay in a 3 month supply of survivor food.  For me that would be beans and rice.  For my son that would be Ramon noodles.  What would be your basic survivor meals?  After you get that 3 month survivor food stashed then you can start planning what you would really like to eat and get that stuff.  But now you can relax because you know you have a good 3 month's worth of food already stashed. 

       As you go through your days and weeks, keep track of the things you use.  This can help you plan for the future storage.  But Don't panic and don't get caught up in garbage you hear.  Slowly work on your family emergency preps and you will get it done over time. 

I hope you don't get overwhelmed!  If you do take a big breathe and say " It will all get done over time so there is no need to panic". 


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