Saturday, October 1, 2011

Preparing for what we never thought could happen

My GGGrandfather went throught the New Madrid Earth quake in 1811-12 and left his Journal to the Missouri State Archives.  it's written in old french so it took me a few years to find a translator and cost me a pretty penny.  What I heard in those few days she read this journal to me changed my life forever!  I never dreamed something like that could happen anywhere!  He, Michael Branum and his wife survived the initial earthquake and because of the flooding was able to find a mule and fled westward.  Remember New Madrid Missouri is right against the Mississippi River so they had to go west.  This is land that had been bought in New Orleans from the French. They had been there for over 30 years.  They did not volunteer to walk away, they ran for their lives!  For over 2 month's they could not stop even at night.  The ground kept quaking and opening up and swallowing whole trees and anything around it.  Flood water keep flowing in.  After two month's of walking they finally reached stable land in what is now LaClede/ Wright counties.    Here they started over.  All the land in New Madrid was taken over by land speculators.    I am listening to a show on blog talk radio right now that covers New Madrid quake zone and also a survivor of the Armenian Earthquake and all they went through.  Please take some tome and listen to this 2 hour show!


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